Auto Insurance Topics

Georgia Car Insurance

Georgia is a rare state that requires you to have car insurance, but does not require that you show your insurance card as your proof of insurance.

Learn more about Georgia’s auto insurance requirements, options for additional coverage, programs, rates, and discounts.

Florida Car Insurance

Florida law requires residents of FL to have car insurance. You must purchase the minimum coverage amounts for both personal injury protection (PIP) insurance and property damage liability (PDL) car insurance.

Luckily, Florida offsets this coverage requirement by offering some of the lowest car insurance coverage minimums in the country.

Learn more about Florida's car insurance requirements, the effects of traffic violations on premium costs, and how to get the best quotes on car insurance available.

Car Insurance in Delaware

Delaware law requires you to be able to cover costs associated with car accidents in which you may be involved. The best way to comply with these laws is by having car insurance.

Read more to learn all about Delaware car insurance requirements, rules, rates, and discounts.

Connecticut Car Insurance

In Connecticut, all registered cars must be insured. Not adhering to this legal requirement can be costly.

Read below to learn all about Connecticut auto insurance requirements, laws, alternatives, and rates.

Colorado Car Insurance

In Colorado, car insurance is mandatory for all drivers. Auto insurance regulations are enforced by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, Division of Insurance.

Until 2003, Colorado was a “no-fault” state, but changed the law in order to help reduce the cost of insurance premiums and help prevent claims abuses.

Colorado car insurance now operates as a tort system, meaning that fault must be established before an insurance company will pay a claim.