State Requirements

Washington D.C. Car Insurance

All drivers in Washington D.C. must have car insurance as required by the Compulsory/No-Fault Motor Vehicle Insurance Act. The District of Columbia offers residents both:

  • Fault-based insurance.
  • No-fault coverage option.

Read below for more information about types of required and optional auto insurance coverage offered to Washington D.C. residents.

Wyoming Car Insurance

In order to register your vehicle in Wyoming, you must be able to prove financial responsibility for damages in the event of an accident.

The easiest and common way to fulfill this legal requirement is to purchase the minimum amounts of liability car insurance.

West Virginia Car Insurance

In West Virginia, officials can easily verify your car insurance status by using an electronic online system, and violations of WV car insurance laws can lead to harsh penalties. Don't get caught off guard.

Read more to learn about West Virginia car insurance laws, programs, rates, and discounts.

Washington Car Insurance

Washington state car insurance laws are written to make sure you are able to pay for injuries or damages after a car accident.

Read more to learn about WA car insurance laws, programs, rates, and discounts.